The MITENE interactive signage system has been used to detect faces and the movement of people to create real-time AR content for eye-catching crowd pullers. The new MITENE 4K lineup builds on this and delivers improved expressive power and customization.
It features the same viewer attribute log collection, enabling it to provide information and entertainment more tailored to viewers.

MITENE 4K Features

Kinect sensor

Incorporates the Kinect® sensor for an even more accurate AR experience.

・Gesture (hand) recognition
・Face polygon (mask AR)
・Real-time background generation
・3D virtual dress-up (tracks body movement)

Also features improved operability, including content switching via hand wave movement.


Delivers complete freedom over screen aspect ratio, not limited to the 16:9 format.

・Irregular multi-monitor
・Auto-fit to LED panel size

It can be used as a tool for enhancing the mood of a space as well as entertaining viewers.

  • MITENE 4KMulti-Monitor image
  • MITENE 4KAny layout of monitors


Supports not just 4K visuals but also high-definition AR content produced with a 4K camera.

・4K movie and still image compatible
・4K camera high-definition AR

Improved image quality delivers a greater sense of immersion.

  • MITENE 4KAquarium
  • MITENE 4KWater Ripple

Sample system configuration


*MITENE is a registered trademark of Sony Music Communications Inc.
* Kinect is either a registered trademark or a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.